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Empowering Women in Educational Leadership

I help women in education develop positive leadership skills to become that confident leader.

I help women in education develop positive leadership skills and confidence in 90 days to become that confident leader.

With over 30 years in education in both K-12 and higher education as a teacher, athletic trainer, and administrator, I have seen first-hand the struggles and challenges along with the successes and celebrations of women in educational leadership.

My entire focus and goal is to empower women in educational leadership to become transformational and positive leaders in education.

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About Dr. Stephanie

Dr. Stephanie Duguid is the owner of Do Good Leadership. She started her career in education with a focus on both K-12 and higher education roles. As a result of over 30 years of working with women seeking leadership roles, she discovered that others are struggling to develop the appropriate positive leadership skills and confidence to step into ideal leadership role. Combined with her experience and desire to help, she took to the stage with the goal of reaching as many people as possible in the realm of empowering women in educational leadership. Today her talk will focus on the journey we all take when we finally decide to shift and focus on our ultimate goals!

Dr. Stephanie Duguid is a highly sought after speaker, author, radio show host, and leadership & success coach. Her books entitled Texas Angel Part 1 and Texas Angel Part 2 are favorites in the industry and have inspired other women to reflect on their own life lessons and communication connections. And her leadership & success mentorship coaching guides women through a six-step journey toward developing positive leadership skills and confidence in 90 days.

Dr. Stephanie Duguid has helped countless women shift from stuck and stagnant who were merely settling in their roles to now being motivated, confident, and owning their decisions, their choices, and their educational position in life!

If you are looking for someone to empower your women educators and help gain confidence and positive leadership skills to transform the organization, Dr. Stephanie Duguid is the answer for your next event.

Empowering Women in Educational Leadership

In today’s higher educational environment there is more to leadership than merely a title or position. Every position in education is one of leadership full of emerging leaders. However, the most common challenge that holds women in education back is that they tend to experience fear while watching change to happen all around them. When women overcome the obstacles, fear turns into confidence and ultimately empowerment.


As women in education, we must decide to make a change, discover ourselves in the process, and defy the odds to step into a leadership role we desire.

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Communication Connection: Just LEAD

Connecting through communication is an essential skill in today’s workplace. The diversity of people today can require individualized approaches to communication. This program will highlight differences and insight to understanding yourself and those around you for effective communication.


Just LEAD: Listen, Encourage, Ask questions, and Deliver.

Positive Leadership for Empowering Lives 

Through the teachings of John Maxwell and Jon Gordon, it is known that positive leadership is essential now more than ever. Simply stated, a positive leader can make an insurmountable difference on a team, an organization, and in the world. Through research and several examples that demonstrate the power of positive leadership, you will understand positive leadership models and implement the new approaches. It all begins with YOU!


You have the power to elevate and empower those around you through Positive Leadership.

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Dr. Duguid is such an incredible speaker with a personality that allows for instant connection. Her friendly nature allows the audience to comfortably engage and participate. Along with creating a dynamic interaction with her learners, she also provides wonderful resources to help guide the audience

Kathryn Ayala
Faculty Member, Southwest Texas Junior College

Dr. Stephanie's Radio Show

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