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Exponentially Elevate Your Leadership Impact 

I help women in education exponentially elevate their impact in leadership. 

With over 30 years in education in both K-12 and higher education as a teacher, athletic trainer, and administrator, I have seen first-hand the struggles and challenges along with the successes and celebrations of women in educational leadership.

My entire focus and goal is to empower women in educational leadership to become transformational and positive leaders in education. I promise dynamic interactions, research-based content, thought-provoking engagement, and actionable takeaways. My unique abilities as a strategist and connector empower clients to create truly exceptional outcomes. 

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About Dr. Stephanie

Dr. Stephanie Duguid, a leading expert in Educational Leadership, International Best-Selling Author, and founder of Do Good Leadership, boasts over 100 conference invitations and nationwide appearances at colleges and universities.


Renowned for her dynamic and research-based speaking engagements, Dr. Stephanie is celebrated for her expertise in positive educational leadership and effective communication. Drawing from extensive experience in K-12 and Higher Education, she is a sought-after strategist and connector, featured in notable outlets like America Tonight with Kate Delaney. As the creator of the "Empowering Women in Educational Leadership" media series, Dr. Stephanie engages high-profile guests, addressing themes like Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Cultivating a Culture of Empowerment.


Her acclaimed keynote, “Stepping into Leadership,” focuses on defining purpose and vision for women in educational leadership, covering Positive Leadership, Mindset, Optimism, and Conflict Management. A former chief academic officer, Dr. Stephanie is consistently recognized for her contributions, earning accolades such as the Excellence Award from the National Institute of Staff and Organizational Development.


With a doctoral degree in educational leadership, she collaborates with institutions like Michigan State University and the University of West Alabama to create pathways for students. Actively involved in educational organizations, including Delta Kappa Gamma, Dr. Stephanie's commitment extends to supporting students through a local community college scholarship in memory of her mother. 

If you are looking for someone to empower your women educators and help gain confidence and positive leadership skills to transform the organization, Dr. Stephanie Duguid is the answer for your next event.

Exponentially Elevate Your Impact

In today’s higher educational environment there is more to leadership than merely a title or position. Every position in education is one of leadership full of emerging leaders. However, the most common challenge that holds women in education back is based on courage and confidence. When women learn how to become equipped and empowered, uncertainty turns into confidence, courage, and ultimately a transformational leader.


As women in education, we must decide to make a change, discover ourselves in the process, and defy the odds to step into a leadership role we desire.

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Communication Connection: Just LEAD

Connecting through communication is an essential skill.  The diversity of people can require individualized approaches to communication. Communication connection will highlight differences and insight into understanding yourself and those around you for effective and successful communication.


Just LEAD: Listen, Encourage, Ask questions, and Deliver.

Positive Leadership for Empowering Lives 

Through eye-opening research, it is known that positive leadership is essential in an organization but important for personal health now more than ever. Simply stated, a positive leader can make an insurmountable difference in a team, an organization, and the world. Through research and several examples that demonstrate the power of positive leadership, you will understand how small shifts in your leadership approach can create a positive culture driving improved outcomes.  It all begins with YOU!


You have the power to elevate and empower those around you through Positive Leadership.

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"Dr. Duguid is such an incredible speaker with a personality that allows for instant connection. Her friendly nature allows the audience to comfortably engage and participate. Along with creating a dynamic interaction with her learners, she also provides wonderful resources to help guide the audience."

Kathryn Ayala
Faculty Member, Southwest Texas Junior College

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The Courage to Lead

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