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Turning Points: The Shoulder Tap That Changed My Future

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

When speaking with Dr. Linda Garcia of the Center for Community College Student Engagement, on my “Empowering Women in Educational Leadership” October 4th episode, she shared that she has had some major turning points in her life! She continued to share that at these crossroads, there was a specific event, a moment, an interaction that guided her toward the correct path on her journey. Let’s explore this a bit further in the story below….

Life is filled with moments. Some are fleeting, forgotten almost as soon as they happen. Others leave a mark, gently nudging us onto a new path. But then there are the turning points. The moments that, in the blink of an eye, change everything. For me, as a woman in educational leadership, that turning point began with a simple tap on the shoulder.

It was an ordinary day, filled with the hustle and bustle of school life. Hallways were abuzz with chatter, classrooms filled with the sounds of lessons, and the faint smell of chalk dust hung in the air. But amongst the humdrum, a gentle tap on my shoulder set in motion a chain of events that altered the course of my professional journey.

That tap was followed by a question, seemingly simple, but deeply profound: "Have you ever considered leading this institution?" The inquiry caught me off guard. Up until that point, I had been content with my role, never really seeing myself at the helm of an educational institution. The weight of such responsibility, the societal expectations, and the challenges that women often face in leadership roles were reasons I'd subtly held myself back.

But in that moment, with that simple question, the scales fell from my eyes. Why hadn't I considered it? Was I allowing my own self-doubt and society's constructs to limit my potential?

The tap on my shoulder wasn't just a physical gesture. It symbolized recognition, belief, and a nudge towards a destiny I hadn’t realized was waiting for me. It was a reminder that sometimes, all we need is someone to see potential in us that we may not see in ourselves.

Since that day, my journey in educational leadership has been nothing short of transformative. Leading with a perspective as a woman, I've aimed to foster environments that are inclusive, nurturing, and empowering. My decisions have often been guided by my experiences, the subtle nuances that I've faced as a woman in the educational sector.

It's been a path filled with challenges, but equally filled with rewards. The ability to shape policies, influence young minds, and create spaces where everyone feels seen and heard has been deeply fulfilling. And to think it all started with a tap on the shoulder.

Turning points are often like that – unexpected, unassuming, yet incredibly powerful. They remind us that sometimes, amidst the noise of life, it's the softest whispers, the gentlest nudges, that have the most profound impact.

To every woman in educational leadership, or aspiring to be one, I encourage you to embrace your turning points. Welcome those taps on the shoulder, ponder over those simple questions, and allow them to reshape your trajectory. Because often, it's in these moments that we find our true calling and purpose.

For guidance along your journey to navigate the turning points and new path in your life, reach out to me for a free consultation at So, what are your turning points?

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