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Finding the Interconnection: The Shared Space on Our Venn Diagram

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

When speaking to Jessica Ellison, Executive Director of the National Council for History Education, on my "Empowering Women in Educational Leadership" September 13th episode, she mentioned that the most important aspect of being a leader of a national organization is to “find the interconnection”. Let’s expand this idea and see how we can connect in a shared space.

In the intricate web of professional interactions, both within and outside of an organization, it's easy to focus on differences: varying goals, distinct environments, and diverse experiences. Yet, at the heart of every interaction lies an opportunity – a chance to identify mutual understandings, shared objectives, and common values. Imagine, if you will, a Venn diagram. In the spaces where our experiences overlap, we find the interconnection.

Beyond Surface Differences

At first glance, it might appear that a team within the sales department has nothing in common with the tech team, or that a non-profit organization has divergent aims from a corporate entity. But dig deeper. Perhaps both teams are striving for innovation or share a commitment to client satisfaction. Maybe both organizations, despite their different structures, have a shared interest in community development.

The Power of Shared Stories

Every individual and organization has a story. When we take the time to listen and share, we often uncover shared experiences, values, or aspirations. These narratives can serve as powerful bridges, forging connections even across seemingly vast divides.

Focus on Universal Objectives

While specific goals might differ, most entities, be they teams or organizations, share some universal objectives: success, growth, efficiency, or making a positive impact. Recognizing these overarching aims can help in finding mutual ground.

Active Listening: The First Step to Connection

To uncover the interconnections, we must first genuinely listen. Active listening goes beyond just hearing words. It's about understanding perspectives, recognizing emotions, and discerning underlying values.

The Ripple Effect of Collaboration

When we find and focus on our shared spaces, the opportunities for collaboration are profound. As different as we might be, these intersections can lead to combined efforts that amplify results, creating a ripple effect that benefits the larger community or industry.

The Venn Diagram in Action

Visualize two circles on a Venn diagram: one representing your team or organization and the other representing another entity. While each circle has its unique attributes, it's the overlapping section in the middle where collaboration, mutual respect, and understanding reside. This is the sweet spot of interconnection. By always aiming to operate in this shared space, we can build stronger, more fruitful relationships.

Embracing Flexibility and Adaptability

As we identify these shared zones, it's also crucial to be flexible. The world of education and organizational dynamics is ever-evolving. Being adaptable ensures that we can continue to find new points of interconnection, even as circumstances change.

In conclusion, our professional landscape might be dotted with differences, but it's enriched by the interconnections. By actively seeking these shared spaces, we not only foster a harmonious environment but also unlock the incredible potential that comes from collaborative efforts. After all, the magic often happens not in our isolated spheres but in the places where our worlds meet.

I encourage you to look find the interconnection to be a transformational and empowering leader. For guidance along your journey, reach out to me for a free consultation at Be the champion focused on elevating those around you!

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